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Joerg Kiegeland
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3 July 2006

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Website creation usually turns out to be a difficult task for the novice users due to the technicalities and huge html coding involved in the process. But, with advanced web design applications arriving every now and then over the online space has made the task lot simpler. One such utility among the variety available is DFM2HTML 1.5 which enables you to create sophisticated websites on-the-fly. The utility supports users in creating customized website, and allows adding and formatting text, images, shapes, effects, menus, pages, and other objects, with ease. The drag and drop along with nesting feature makes it convenient for you to compose a website within few minutes. The utility even lets you preview the created website to check the flaws if any, before publishing it on web.

Using the DFM2HTML 1.5 you can effortlessly create new attractive websites without engaging yourself into long tiring hours of work. You begin with the templates/frames provided with the application to begin with creating a new website. The selected template is opened at the mid screen, where you can edit it according to your requirement. The lower pane of the utility is equipped with different features for customizing your website pages. These include Font, Edge, Image, Effect, Misc, Object, Position, Pages, and Page Properties tabs that let you alter different page and object attributes giving them desired appearance. The effective changes are simultaneously displayed at the workspace making your work easier. You can add text, images, effects, shapes, page, stylesheet, html/script, DHTML menus, external file, form, panel, label, link, and various other objects. You can save the created web page or also can save it as template for further usage. Along with the website customization features, the application also supports you in publishing your website with the in-built FTP upload manager.

DFM2HTML 1.5 facilitates you in creating attractive websites by customizing them with necessary elements and effects, use HTML coding where necessary, and finally publish it from within the program. For its excellent performance paired with remarkable consisting tool-set, the application is deservingly being assigned with 3.5 rating points.

Publisher's description

DFM2HTML is an easy to use WYSIWYG HTML editor. Sophisticated web sites can be composed within minutes using drag&drop and the nesting feature unique to DFM2HTML. With effects like shadow, anti-aliasing, rotation and rounded corners, you don't need an image editor to create professional looking web sites any more. You can publish your site with the build-in FTP Upload manager in an instant. DFM2HTML comes with many templates and a wide range of mouse-over buttons. HTML forms and HTML frames can be easily created in a WYSIWYG way. The stylesheet mechanism allows a systematic page design. You can create web pages in any language with the new Unicode feature.
Version 1.5
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